When the Marketplace asks for more documents Completing your plan

When the Marketplace asks for more documents

After you finish an application or enroll in health insurance, the Marketplace may ask you to submit documents for two reasons:

  • To verify or add to information you entered on your application about your income, citizenship, immigration status, identity, or something else. We do this when some information you provided doesn’t match our records. (Note: This is sometimes called a "data matching issue" or "inconsistency," but both terms mean the same thing.)
  • To prove your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period if you applied for health coverage outside Open Enrollment

IMPORTANT: You could lose your insurance or financial assistance If you’re enrolled in a plan and don’t submit documents by the deadline in the notice you get from the Marketplace, you could lose your health coverage or any financial assistance you're getting. You should upload or mail the documents as soon as possible.

Ready to send documents?

Have your notice handy, gather the documents you need, log in to your account, and follow these instructions based on what kind of issue you need to resolve:

More on how to provide documents to the Marketplace

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When you submit your application, the Marketplace uses the information you provide to determine your eligibility for coverage and savings. If your "Eligibility Results" say you can buy a Marketplace plan, you can enroll right away.

But if the information on your application doesn’t match our records, your results also explain that you must provide additional documents, usually within 90 days (in some cases 95). You’ll get follow-up notices reminding you.

If the issue isn’t resolved by the deadline, you may lose your coverage or any savings you’re getting on your premiums and other costs.

Your "Eligibility Results" notice includes a deadline for submitting documents.

  • In most data matching cases, you have at least 90 days from the date of your eligibility notice to clear up the issue before action is taken.
  • You have 30 days to send documents that prove your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period.

The Marketplace won’t end health insurance or change savings based on health insurance data matching issues without giving you advance notice. You'll get three warning notices and a reminder phone call before coverage ends or your savings change because of a data matching issue.

We know most people want to keep their Marketplace coverage, and work hard to submit their documents on time.

If you're having trouble submitting documents or have questions, contact the Marketplace Call Center and explain your 2016 coverage may change due to a "data matching issue" or "inconsistency," or you need verify your Special Enrollment Period eligibility.


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