Change or Update Your Plan Uploading documents

How do I upload a document?

When you’re ready to upload your electronic document:

  • Visit and log in to your Marketplace account.
  • Select your existing application.
  • Use the menu on the left side of your screen to click on “Application details.”
  • Click the first “Verify” button. There’s one for each issue that you need to resolve. If there’s more than one, work on them one at a time.
  • Follow screen instructions to upload your document.
    1. Click “Select” to choose your document type. Not every type is listed. If you need to upload a document that’s not listed, choose “Other” from the list.
    2. Click “Select file to upload.” You’ll see your electronic files.
    3. Click on the electronic file you want to upload. Then click “Open” and wait for your file name to appear on your “Application details” page. This may take a few minutes. If you need to upload another file, use the drop down menu to select the next document type and then click “Select file to upload” again.
    4. Select “Upload” next to each file that you want to send.
    5. Select “Take me back” to complete your upload. The “Submitted” button verifies that your upload was successful.
    6. Select the next “Verify” button, if there is one. Repeat steps 1 – 5 to upload documents for each inconsistency or issue.

If you’re having trouble uploading a document, you should mail copies of your documents. Don’t mail original documents. Make sure to include the printed bar code page that came with your notice. If you don’t have a bar code, include your printed name and the application ID from your notice when you send your documents.


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